Artist Research:

Claes OldenburgAfter the disaster that was trying to make a crane from wood and glue, the easiest and my new favorite technique; using photographs and postcards and illustrating the impossible ontop. The artist that spawned this was Claus oldenberg. Who began with making collages on top of postcards, which later due to their popularity were turned into actual sculptures.

There is another artist that is more recent who creates work in much the same method Claus Oldenburg 02although he takes photographs from ‘instagram’ and draws over them in a humorous remark. Lucas Levitan works with simple designs to accent photographs taken by amateur photographers across the world as they are shared on a public community online.

This is going to be my quick solution to large sculptures that I cannot make due to time and cost; although this is a solution that fits well into the situation. The situation being the study of public behavior when a toy or other Lucas Levitan 01object is placed into the streets. Lucas Levitan 02The results I have from water bombs, poster and pens and a parachute are that people like to be involved in something. This idea of drawing onto the street photographs includes the public in the act of the photograph, although it does remove their ability to respond, I get to return to the one who interacts with the work the public creates by being in the photograph.

Lucas Levitan 04


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