Tutorial on the next step:

SAM_2734Today I managed to get a tutorial, and after messing with wire and half working glue gun, i managed to build a skeleton of the crane from little pieces of wood to test the idea for building it bigger out of doors. It couldn’t hold itself together, since the weight of the wings and the head and tail were too much and too widespread for the middle base. IT fall apart. This is the result.

Although its not what I planned I like this more; its turned into a sort of climbing frame design, and after talking with my tutor, he recommended that I research more into the designing of play grounds.

Which probably only occurred because I have begun to look into SAM_2736human behavior, particularly the public behavior when you change one thing about their everyday street. We all know what happens when the markets on or a set of rides turns up for the weekend- its madness. Cars slow down as they go past, people dawdle, mess around and toddle curiously around. The point is that I wanted to try experimenting with the aspect of ‘play’, by providing a set of tools and leaving it to the public to produce the results.

My tutor explained this as an “Hactivist” view, as they produced a piece of work, revealed it and then researched it; the reaction was the research. I’ve already, unintentionally tried this; I had bought some polymer balls a few weeks back, and left them in a bucket in the SAM_2737kitchen (you leave them in water and they grow depending on how long you leave them). There was around 70 in there, yet every time I checked on them, there was less and less. It turned out that my family had been messing and poking them when no one was around, and when the balls broke – which can happen if you press them too hard, they get crushed, they had thrown them out to hide the evidence.

The other thing my tutor mentioned was, after I had explained the skeletal structure, that i should try looking for other materials; particularly materials found on site. If the first method doesn’t work, find another. So that’s the next step.


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