The next step is try and make some of the ideas that have started to jump around after finding out specifics of what i like to do rather than what Im used to doing. Hence the first thing I want to try is to make a larger version of the paper crane, from wood and tissue paper and hopefully around 3- 4 metres tall.

This method could also be used for a Japanese style ‘sliding door’, the plan for that was to place in an open area with a ‘barrier’ as like a corridor and have someone, willing enough to run and jump through it. The idea of creating a particular area that is removed from public space, yet still visible is also something I want to test. When we see a partitioned area we just go another way, not curious or otherwise bothered, so what would happen if I changed one particular area of public space and kept it open for use. Like putting a red walkway through one of the library gates to the main doors. Would it be used more? less? would anyone notice? would anyone ask? and most importantly would anyone walk there? would they walk differently?

I also got into casting recently after a workshop we had, I used a lego brick to mould which I used plaster of paris to form from a latex mould, it gave the inspiration to try making larger ones; large enough to climb or sit on, they would be used in the same principle of having them around a public space and seeing reactions; would they leave it alone? would they touch it? If I can make the lego brick work I want to try making a larger spinning top, one that people could actually move – although I am unsure about how to go about it; to keep it still working.

The other idea was around the side of one of the university buildings where if you sit in the café you can see out of a full wall sized window onto another window that reflects like a mirror the wall next to window from outside- this would be a good place to write on, having it backwards to be legible. Although what to write and if I can receive permission to put something up is still something to address.

The last idea spawned from this post online, where graffiti is made illuminated; which is something I want to try out its amazing to look at and it joins a long history of intellectual practice,, that is it has a concept and does nto just look pretty like most street art.


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