Elevator experiment:

SAM_2721After talking over my professional practise with my tutor; I looked into various artists to figure out what my practise was actually about. I realised that I enjoyed working outside, that I liked to play with the media I was using, and the characteristics of the themes and motifs of the project. I had looked a little more into Ryan Gander, who is infamous for his working style SAM_2696of dreaming up impossible things and commissioning them from other artists. This led to the experiment of putting the folded cranes into the elevator.

I also tried using the water bombs I had been folding alongside the paper cranes, for their intended purpose. The experiment grew to a larger bomb that I also exploded: it only held half a bucket of water.

After trying the cranes in lift, I wanted to continue that line of surprises; hence I tried SAM_2715putting reflective paper across the floor instead, it didn’t work nearly as well, there was less to be surprised about, it wasn’t very noticeable and the paper didn’t act like a proper mirror. Although other ideas spawned from it – to try drawing on the mirror that sits in the back of the lifts on the walls, or planting a drawing on the back of the door so it would only be visible when the lift doors close. It needs to be something surprising, noticeable and to not take up space.SAM_2729


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