artist research:

During a tutorial several artists came up with their ideas revolving around image and sound; the main one was the pen point percussion by Norman Mclaren, an artist that experimented with drawing points on a reel and having them translated to sound before he added illustrations to another reel and mix them. The patterns are simple; its like finding that one point where two language cross-over which in turn allows you to understand the both languages in their entirety.

Tacita Dean, had a exhibition called “color sessions” which was a study into the thought process and color.

“I was thinking about the movement and order of thought, of color and light, the angel in the Fra Angelico Annunciation in San Marco, drapery, the way that curtains conceal and reveal. My work is spatial but always related to painting. The Colour Sessions can be read as monochrome paintings, but they are fragile monochromes – paintings that are falling off the wall. I recently discovered that the sheen of the fabric is the result of weaving threads of two colours together in a very tight weave – it makes it difficult to locate the surface or pin down the color. So even the ‘monochrome’ is actually two colors. The beads bring another spatiality into play, moving farther off the wall, into the space of the gallery.”

ab_cipherofl_8158(1)There was also Liam Gillick who produces abstarct work; the most relevant the 1987-199 projects of colored pillars. Although I prefer Angela bulloch’s works of a similar nature, with their strange organisation of math and aesthetics.

My favoruite is Martin Creed, its more his exploration of what colour, and form can do than any particular style or theory.

work illustration

work illustration


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