SAM_2635I had a bit of a mess around with lino prints; since we SAM_2638have the colors available; I tried a few normal prints, the embossing I originally planned didn’t work since I removed too much from the lino. I decided to mess with the colors adding ttwo then three together to see the results. It begins to get a strange glow or blur effect; printing a painted image like this would be interesting or maybe layering a sequence- a background/foreground SAM_2636combination in different colors.

I also tried just printing ink without having a cut pattern- the best I found came from dabbing splotches of color to a plain black background, although my favorite came from painting ink on a piece of perspex then pouring a little water across it and then printing. The paper did take longer to dry but the marble pattern was reminiscent of marble printing with oil and water.



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