kaleidocycle drafts

SAM_2610SAM_2611SAM_2612I thought about the direction the project was taking; more co-dependent of sound and representing the possibilities and how strange it is at all, than the color/movement/sound that I had set out with, and i wanted to return to that. So I looked up some origami; for the movement area to explore; which led to kaleidoscycles. Little pieces of folding paper that SAM_2624spin forever if you twist them inside or outside, always remaining the same shape. I tried in plain, then color and with a few patterns to see what would happen. I’m not sure how far i can take them.

I also tried some ‘normal’ origami; the movement of folding a flat sheet into a self standing structure was appealing and is still something curious in nature. I tried a few forms; a sweet plate,SAM_2634 a box and 9 moving squares. The box was the one i obsessed with, it was the same simple idea of taking a sheet and folding it into a 3d fixture; although this had the appeal of hiding something; that space you knew was inside was invisible, anything could be there. It becomes something like a Schrodinger cat theory; presenting a simple outline; although with a more complicated past than any sheet of paper has, whilst keeping its mysterious air with its hidden space.

I then blew them both up. It wasn’t my best idea but it made two curious items- one that falls apart constantly and the other with a large rip; but it was an exploration into that hidden space that you couldn’t see but presumed existed and since you couldn’t see it, you didn’t wonder.



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