Adobe after effects:

audio spectrumI started messing with how technology can be used for this conversion of color, sound and movement, hence I ended up starting to learn how to use after effects, one of the first things I learnt to make was the audio spectrum effect. Which is the reaction of ‘dots’ on screen to music. I then tried with backgrounds,  i then tested out different effects added to the audio spectrum itself. I tried with polar co-ordinates to create a circle out of the audio spectrum line of ‘dots’, I then used around 7 glow effects to create a suitable blur; this took a long time to render.

audio spectrum polar co ordinatesI also tried with making the ‘dots’ bigger and keeping them few, and pixellating them by adding a blind effect to create ‘separations’ in between the two ‘pixels’. The audio spectrum also had the color hue changing, and the height rising according to sound and an echo effect to create  a ‘ghost’ of the color when it moved, I liked the end result but the experiment became more about learning how to work after effects, not how to use it for the project; although the possibility is there, I might find something when learning to use the program to make into a piece.

The only problem with using after effects at all was the sound; I have no way of audio spectrum mosaiccreating my own sound to use, so I ended up using songs from albums and playlists I have for personal use.Then were chosen by how they moved the audio spectrum best, not on relation of material.

audio spectrum mosaic effect height


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