Project start:

We were given the keywords “interpretation, adaption and appropriation” and told to explore. I looked into interpretation since I have been collecting one off and artists comics for a while; one of them being Joe Sparrow’s “Omnipathy”, in which one of the stories in volume #3 covers what would happen if alien (to us) beings who spoke only through colors, were to find a vinyl record.header

The comic is curious and started me off on music to be my motif for the project; R.E.M. and their album “New adventures in hi-fi” being the main focus, a new favorite of mine. I began to study the music when played through store bought speakers that light up and bounce water around according to the sound produced. I fancy the idea of trying to interpret the music in a method like this; one medium to translate music of all kinds.

There is a medium, like the speakers, that translate music; “Noisy Jelly”, a l_1104_noisy-jelly-bpsubstance with the same qualities of jelly, that when placed on a particular platform produce a certain sound effect depending on the type of touch it receives.  Which is awesome and amazing, although a standard of produce that I cannot hope to reciprocate with my lack of technology skills, although the inversion of having the translation be the thing to change to be made in music instead of music being the concentrated focus to be ‘interpreted.’