artist research:

jim bond kinetic sculpture 1The artist Jim bond is pretty neat, he work has its function first, and as such isn’t always pretty. A particular favorite is the “Pin drop”, although “Scratch #1” is more technologically nifty; the pin drop works by having a pin drop into a copper bowl which is recorded and amplified, as such you can actually hear it fall.

There is also John Cage and the Fluxus movement; which is described as “Fluxus artists did not agree with the authority of museums to determine the value of art, nor did they believe that one must be educated to view and understand a piece of art. Fluxus not only wanted art to be available to the masses, they also wanted everyone to produce art all the time. It is often difficult to define Fluxus, as many Fluxus artists claim that the act of defining the movement is, in fact, too limiting and reductive.” John Cage was a composer and conceptual artist, whose work consisted if silence, chance and any sitiuation or environmental happenings into performances. pin drop

There are two artists in a collaboration “Fischli and Weiss” whose most popular and the one I’m particularly in for the kinetic movement chain reaction is “ The way things go“. An installation of 80-100 ft long, using chemical reations, water/fire, gravity to move objects along.

Also, Co-incidentally there is a repeat exhibition of the “Cybernetics and Serendipity” gallery at the Huddersfield library and gallery. cybernetic serendipity poster web_4


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