Non-Newtonian Fluid:

SAM_2592This week was spent setting up and practicing making a non-Newtonian fluid (Cornstarch, water and food coloring) move to music. It’s a pretty simple experiment, one most people have done in their high school education; but it was well worth using it to mess with the translation of color, language and movement. I spent a few hours videoing the results of the movement on a speaker, although I have only posted one video since the quality is so high youtube has trouble processing it. the band Korn was the best music I owned that made the cornstarch move the most, It also mixed the different colors quickest.

I also experimented with drawing with the non-newtonian fluid by painting onto a sheet of paper, its movements were odd, when poured the fluid would bend to itself, creating weird formations of curves as it fell through the air, when on the paper it would bleed, and if prodded it would seep that way. The opposite was also true, trying to drag it out in any way would result in it returning to the opposite direction. The best was when it was dry, it found a wax-like quality that would break easily. It made for some interesting patterns. SAM_2589

I also planned out a drawing machine; where a motor controlled by an arduino (to program the reaction to sound) would move a pendulum. I’m going to experiment with this when the arduino workshop is on next week.



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