Music players:

biscuit 7 single, king buiscuit time project darkI found out about an exhibition at the Local Library that brought together the “quintessential exponents of ‘vinyl disc culture.’” ‘Groove’ is curated by David Briers and uses artists from the 1960s to contemporary, mixing Marcel Duchamp and Cornelia Parker and experimental works by Matt Wand and Project Dark. The exhibition is to presents artists that are “deconstructing and paring down its qualities, questioning its former aspect of commercial replication by making unique objects, or ruthlessly subverting the concept of hi-fi by making intentionally disfigured or bricolaged records.”

I also found out about a neat little music player that ‘thinks’, that is the ‘Aether cone’, chooses music for you after leaning your listening habits and synchronizes with your musical tastes to play you music from the Rdio’s music library and internet radio. It looks at what you skip, what you play and where and when, and there is a wheel that lets you skip songs and genres if you prefer, along with voice commands. Although it does come with the phrase ” the more you use it, the better it learns what you like and plays music that you’ll love.”  kyoueidesign_endless_rain_yatzer_4

Searching through Yatzer, it also threw “The endless Rain Record” by Kyouei Design, that is a vinyl record that plays rain drips and noises nonstop; all written and produced by Kouichi Okamoto from Kyouei Design. The record is made for the RAIN exhibition, which was apparently a part of Taiwan Designer’s Week 2009.


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