Astronomy research:

After looking at so many records I visited my collection and started with the classic _39866481_cfa_203Beatles “Lucy in the sky with diamonds.” A quick Google search came up with the ‘scientific research’ that found a  diamond that is 4,000km across and sitting a constellation called Centaurus some 50 light years away. It is the heart of old star that was like our sun, it has been dubbed ‘Lucy’ after the Beatles song.

The diamond is actually a crystallized white dwarf, a core of a star that has died after burning up all its nuclear fuel; it also pulses. It produces constants ringing which is how they measured the interior, like how they use measurements of earthquakes to study the interior of the earth.

327324_tumannost_orion_sozvezdie_zvezdy_4000x3252_( that I looked up constellations; I have been an amateur at reading stars for a couple of years; my particular favorite being Orion and where there’s Orion there’s no Scorpion. The legend is that I know is that Orion is the son of Neptune and the huntress Queen Euryale of the Amazons, and he had great strength, and a great ego; he boasted of his power only to be taken out by a tiny scorpion.

The ‘official’ version is that Orion was the lover of Eos, the goddess of the dawn and he bragged that he was a great hunter, and as such would kill every creature on earth. Artemis, the hunting goddess would normally take offense, but had a fondness for him; although her brother, Apollo, the sun god, did not. So he and Gaia, the earth goddess, created a plan; they made a giant Scorpio to hunt the hunter. Orion ran from the Scopio and the Scorpio chased him. The Scorpio killed him. Zeus, the leader of the gods, has seen the whole story play out, decided to place both the Scorpio and Orion in the heavens as constellations, keeping them 180 degrees apart to stop them from fighting. Hence you can never see them in the sky at the same time.

There is a piece of work called ‘Teddy universe’ by Pors & Rao; that is a giant 1_teddyagummy bear shape bear hovering from the ceiling, it is covered in little led lights creating a tiny universe of constellations. It is made to turn the all encompassing power of the universe and its vast enormity into the soft cuddliness of a child’s teddy bear.


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