Bathroom Graffiti:

DSC_0035I produced some small designs of previously made stencil patterns, which I displayed in public bathrooms around my home town. Some places had previously made graffiti, which in my own study of them, were a strange mix of philosophical, existential and political that accompanied the “Call me” and usual insults and drunken babble. It truly is a strange place of mass conversation between strangers, although that does seem to be a description that fits other types of meetings, albeit they do not all have the same ambiguity to them. (Online Chatrooms, are the only proper comparison I think. – But then again the act of being online, is a conspiracy to exclude individualism entirely, reducing the self into parts of different groups they connect you to, without involving any real truth about yourself.)

The images I made from the three stencils I created at the beginning of the project, were simple and quick to draw out, which was good. However they did not fit in with the rest of the graffiti, and certainly did not fit in with being drawn in marker pen, in a short few minutes, and in random bathrooms around town. It fits into that class limbo; as the bathroom is the one place class doesn’t seem to exist, all the different bathrooms have the same variety of graffiti, now one bathroom differentiates from another if only in the owners taste of decoration and expense.


Project summery:

The project was a mess, if I’m being honest. There was little in the way of a continuous understanding of the ‘class/taste’ title, as I moved from little area of knowledge to something else, i.e; the act of owning wallpaper, to power depicts the ability of your opinions, to the cost and effort of paint vs wallpaper. I did not enjoy the project, I think the topic made me nervous, and I’m of the opinion that you can see my response in the work. Overall, its is a project put together of little bits of doodles and exploring bits of different media and processes.

In comparison to the previous project, in which I developed the pigeon images, namely only using the bird shape as an easily identifiable motif to properly focus on the drawing aspect, it lacks any thought in direction, and has, I believe made me realize I  am part of a society made up of people from all walks of class and backgrounds, that all think the same. We all make those snap judgement, those immediate responses to something; for example if you mention pigeons to someone they are more than likely to express disgust. By which I mean, the class project has colored my drawing project in my shame for thinking in such terms.

However the class project did point out that practice was far from ordered, I flounder in what media and processes and information I already know, before attempting anything outside my comfort zone. It has made me realize that if i think i know something about a topic I will bleed it dry before even thinking of anything else, I lack the motivation to do so, I lack the confidence in exploring something I don’t know. As if I don’t know what I should do next, I end up not doing anything. Basically I should start making a timetable and planning out bits of my project beforehand.

The only thing I think I understand now, aside from how to make stencils for a three toned image, but that everyone makes judgments without knowing anything of the topic; and although I did try to understand the awkward subject of class, as it seems to be something no one wants acknowledge that has any power of us ‘civilized people anymore. The project has changed how I see other work I’ve done, and made me question what I really knew about the situations.

I took a look at Charley Peters’ blog and how she makes her work; and her practice is similar to the way I work, in that its research, sketches, redrawing, getting larger more detailed works as I get more comfortable with the project topics.

Overall, I’m going to stop panicking about the work I make and how I make it, I’ll keep in my ‘comfortable’ style of working, after all It can only get better no I understand.