Wallpaper Paint:


I decided to try another avenue with the project; the side that is the group of people that prefer painting their walls rather than using wallpaper.








So, I decided that I would make a design based on a random design I found via google. I made it up in layers; keeping the bottom layer plain and with the obvious ‘paint texture’ at the top to ensure the materials recognition.

I then built up the pattern in layers; the darkest to lightest, all repeated both via mirror and from top to bottom; which I achieved via more stencils, that I filled in and overlapped.

It took far too long to be anything remotely practical, and the finished product still had some errors, as human involvement is want to do; but it did however achieve its purpose of being of ‘equal’ standard of extravagantly patterned wallpaper, despite being painted, and therefore cheaper via money if not time.

SAM_2503 SAM_2500 SAM_2496SAM_2497


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