Second Stencil Test:

I tested the stencil plan, I previously used on the UK shield; i.e. marking out the drawing fully, then separating it into layers by shades. It worked pretty much in the same manner, the paper was still too delicate, to hold up very well, and the overlapping of the separate designs, was awkward and hard to use properly.

I used the image of the hand as it was the easiest design I could think of; the aim was to see if I could create a simpler pattern that would hold up made of paper. It didn’t work.

After a conversation with a tutor, it was figured that 5/10mm perspect would be the best material. As it is both lightweight and more durable. Although this would mean I would have to laser cut the pattern, which in turn would mean drawing out the shield on illustrator and to have three separate designs cut. This is turning out to be more complicated than I had previously thought.

SAM_2487 SAM_2486


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