Pixelated Computer Wallpaper:

flower pixel buSomehow the Pixelated style of art always comes back into it; namely because it the newest media and the most universally understood. It stands for the computerised generation, the ones growing up with images and words made up from these tiny squares, rather than the paper and ink of their predecessors.

It invited itself into this project due to my general Google search; which came up more options and helpful websites for computer wallpapers, backgrounds and screensavers than real life wallpaper to cover the inside of homes. There are some amazing images that literally crashed my computer, with their 1080p resolution at 28” full screen mode.

The idea of using ‘proper’ wallpaper from real time, as wallpaper for the new area we spend most of our time (as opposed to our sitting rooms). Hence I drew out, by pixel, my original stencil on the computer. I mixed up the colour shades a little to throw in the original computer game drawing style from the Hitari days, making it blurry although pixellated drawing flowerrecognisable with a shadow like quality. stencil 1SAM_2462


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