Lino Printing:

drawing for linoI discovered the lino printing technique after I decided to try and print lino print 3 practice velveton velvet fabric; it was recommended as etching was too delicate and the fabric wasn’t exactly a flat surface. I used the same original stencil to try it out; It printed well onto the velvet and the black ink showed up well; we did have the problem that the lino I had cut away wasn’t smooth so when I roll ink over it, it got caught on small hills and mountains in the removed areas, which in turn left ink dots in unwanted areas. I tried to make it lino print macrointo a repeat pattern but I couldn’t get the print in anything lino print 1 practice paperresembling a straight line, I quickly found other things to do.

I tried messing with the colours; we had a few different inks to try. So I began with overlapping them; merging them like a 3d films have a red and a blue image overlap to create the wanted effect. It was fun, but made me realise I couldn’t overlap them so they were exactly on top of each other.

lino print 2 practice paperWhich then spawned another lino print, which ended in complete failure, but it did help with my stencils. I tried to create a single image with multiple colours, different areas of shape and colour with one lino plate. I made my original pattern; a crown, and printed it (and me being an idiot I used the black ink that was already out) before returning to cut the crown down, into the shadows and the pattern on top, to go over the already printed silhouette – which promptly failed since the other colours were too light to go over the black ink.

SAM_2455SAM_2457 SAM_2458 SAM_2459


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