Graffiti Stencils;

SAM_2469 SAM_2473 Stencil graffiti is a popular area of graffiti as it is much more controllable, although more time consuming method of working. I used the book “Stencil Graffiti Capital: Melbourne” by Jake Smallman and Carl Nyman, which covers some artists that have found their start in the alleyways of the town. Such as HA-Ha, Meek, Syn and Prism, all well known and have displayed their endeavours in the streets; some began there, some evolved there and others have merely visited.

The book also covers some the basic attributes of stencil graffiti; politics, war, women, texts, symbols, profiles, music, animals and robots. It advises the ways they are used and why; explaining that graffiti is a way for the voices of the faceless to be heard, whilst keeping the anonymity.

I decided that I would try this method out; for my first stencil I used the UK Royal coat of arms, the plan is to produce a series of the same coat of arms and then change one of them in the mass of ‘correct’ ones, to be realistic. That is if a lion and a unicorn were both in the same room, it’s safe to assume that one of them would be eaten.

To make the image I’m after it requires three layers, stencils, the first the silhouette of the crest, then the shadows to separate the different areas, i.e. the lion from the banner, and then a top one for the outlines. I’m currently making SAM_2475these in paper, although I do want to make it in something a little sturdier.SAM_2477


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