Studio Interview

SAM_1719My name is Jessica; I live in Huddersfield as a student of Contemporary art and illustration. My practice there comes from an accumulation of knowledge and research into any particular theme. It begins as sketches, ideas drawn out when I sit thinking about any wandering focus; information about the theme, which then branches out into exploring the right media to present it in. At which point it usually changes into a connecting idea or titbit of information, that hadn’t occurred to me before.

Such as the ‘drawing’ project, in which I decided to study theories on drawing, and Kandinsky’s study into shapes and colour correlation became a major theme for me to work with. I played with the combinations to create different affects through media and context.The theme now of “Class and taste” gave me the main theme of Englishness, and what we ‘like’ due to a debt to be obliged to like it, due to its impact on our culture; like Shakespeare. Which presented it through looking at wallpaper designs; as we have begun to revert to Victorian swirls and curls in design, liking what we know from our own history. It is also, strangely, a place where ‘class’ taste overlaps; brand name and price not included, but the same grandiose patterns of curls, flowers and filigree twists is seen in both standards.Alice_Humpty_Dumpty

I like to start with the little designs; they usually influence the works that are the most effective at explaining what I wanted to explain. It gives me time to work through what I already know and what I can combine it with to achieve whichever outcome.

Although I prefer to stick with what processes I do already know, I have experimented with some media and technologies to find new ways of saying the same thing; particularly things that been made a statement before, like the complex wallpaper patterns, which I learnt to replicate in angular ‘futuristic’ styles through etchings.

In a “Text and Image” project I studied a novel by Christopher Ransom, which led to me developing skills in working ‘Illustrator’, a computer drawing programme that I had previously avoided due to my lack of knowledge in how it works. I used ‘Illustrator’ to make

misshapen forms of nursery rhymes; particularly Humpty Dumpty: a common character, drawn millions of times before. As the technology allowed me to play around with the features; with shape, and line, as you can’t with a pen and paper.

The point is that I keep a method in my practice of what I know, and what I could connect it to, before I find out what I don’t know and think about how I can use it to my advantage, to change my theme into something else; a connection of different ideas to explain in new ways.

Etching print 1.1





Etching print 2

geometric design 01






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