Geometric Patterns

Talking with my tutor, who looked through my geometric patterns – a collaboration ofGD1 boredom and adding a ‘motherboard’, computerised style to pattern found on ‘high class’ wallpaper. A few artists came up including; Lucienne Day at the top of the list. Day is a textile artist creating patterns of contemporary designs that have become famous carpets, wallpapers, tea towels, and ceramics.

GD3Although I do like her work; particularly, “Herb Antony Fabric, 1956”, “Fall, 1952”, “Ducatoon, 1959” for the repeat patterns, which brought up Thomas Bayrie’s “Ein Pils Bitter’ (1972) of a comment on drinking in a repetitive silk screen image.

There was also Carol Bove, who collects random, ordinary objects and reorganises them, puts new media in them or converts their context or scale to change the meaning of affect of the object. This method of exploration could be used for ‘counter-culture’.

And finally Fred Wilson is however one I particularly favour; In “Beauty and Ugliness” he combines historical objects in different scenarios to change the way you look at it; by comparing or appreciating one part instead of its whole. This could be how I can present my work with wallpaper; in contrast to an item that depicts the context of class – since the wallpaper complexity is known for shifting alternatively.




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