YSP trip:

SAM_2209We managed to join a trip at uni, to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on Monday last week. It was quite the day for it; i.e. it stopped raining and the gale force winds died down enough to make us willing to take a walk round to the Longside Gallery. (It still took nearly 2 hours to reach it.) We got to vist the Wolfgang Winter and Berthold Hörbelt structure “Basket #7” a fantastic structure made from layers of steel mesh and Andy Goldsworthy’s Hanging Trees, made only less impressive than they could be by being in a position that you can’t climb them as they are literally just bare trees.

We had the good timing to get to see Fiona Banner’s exhibition “Wp Wp Wp” based around Military aircraft and the Chinook in particular; which are planes that are formed with two sets of helicopter blades rotating in to one another, “Carefully Choreographed to overlap, the blades give the sensation they might collide, an effect that is both mesmerising and unnerving.” It’s pretty spectacular, being able to walk straight underneath two giant blades, that are swinging in unison, gaining speed and slowing down continuously.SAM_2223

The other exhibition I want to mention we got to visit by sheer luck and not being able to follow a map at all was the Roger Hiorns’ exhibition “Seizure”. It is essentially a room taken from a building whole and covered in crystals on the inside; covering everywhere apart from the floor. (Where there are dents where you can see they have removed the structure.) It’s amazingly beautiful, like a lost cave or something straight from Arthurian Legend.


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