Pointallism drawing:

WP_20141014_008 During my tutorial I was given the advice of picking a method or ‘style’ and interrogating it. As I have produced a few different methods of ‘drawing’ and haven’t looked into any of them in any detail, just passing flights of what could i use this for and how would i apply it to make this?…

My recent favourite has been the pointillist drawing in ink of the pigeons, the top image is on A4 paper, whereas the bottom one is the top third of A3. As scale was something else I should WP_20141014_003explore, as even on A3, previously, I have been making small sketches and doodles.

The idea of blind art ahs been nagging me since I looked into the galleries. I was advised to use it and try to introduce it to this project; although the question of how since nobody really touches pigeons. As it is a ‘social taboo’. Hence I’m going to try to apply it to the pointillism, with wax or a glue gun. Namely since my tutor suggested the problem of “What is a drawing if you can’t see it?”

I rather want to find out.

So I’m going to try to make the previous images into some invisible 3-d format, perhaps of wire or glue. Although I am going still keep exploring other avenues too; the tonal drawings of feathers and scaling drawings larger while the image gets smaller.


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