Week two: drawing place:

WP_20141007_002 We were advised to study the act of drawing in more detail than the project itself; or rather to think more about how we draw, than what we draw. To study the planes, the lines, the media, context, shape and texture. To progress the project through the activity of drawing.

I tried look at the way i draw; from simple sketches to scaled drawings to toned ‘realistic’ drawings. I found that I have a tendency to draw the outline before ‘filling-it-in’. Even when its a quick five minute sketch soWP_20141007_001 i dont forget.

I wanted to concentrate on the method of drawing more this week: using different media for ‘drawing’ I used bigger paper to concentrate on the lines by making them more noticeable: using markers so i couldn’t remove any lines I thought were ‘wrong’. I picked areas of one drawing and reproduced them in different orders in other areas of another plane of the same shape.

I moved back to the theme of pigeons and WP_20141007_005used what I now know as my ‘practice’ of drawing the mere outline of the pigeon and connecting it with methods of drawing. Such as one large outline of a pigeon was made ‘interesting’ by every sketchy line that didn’t fall into place with the rest was turned into arching waves in tones of grey.

Returning to my research of the ‘decadent pigeons’ I made a crude ‘beak’ from clay to make shift as a mask to compare the same behavioural aspects of birds and humans. I can’t say im all that interested in it: i want to look into the comparisons of movements between the two.  The bobbing head, twitching wings and scraping feet of the birds against the maelstrom of movements,

WP_20141007_004twitches and tells between the humans.

However I did try to listen to what was advised; to keep with the place; St Georges square, involve the buildings and the area in my drawings to keep the project moving. How I’m to keep the project about the pigeons, involve the building whilst studying my drawing methods.

I need to think more about my drawings in aspects of ‘ideWP_20141007_007ntifying the place’, to produce a transcript of information about the place, the people, the pigeons. I want to create a link by the building through the birds, and the humans, though drawing; however lose a term that is.





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