Repitition, Colour, Theory, Technique, Knowledge:

Thursday threw our first lecture for In context; which covered the start of mark andWP_20141003_008 line. Since our first project is on drawing; it explored the way that marks have been combined in groups of varying shades and tones and styles to form ‘illusions’ of three-dimensional images through the entirety of art history.FB head of boy

Although mostly unintentional, like Federico Barocci, other artists make the separate marks the image rather than the form they ‘make up’ like Josef Albers, whereas there are others still like Robert Morris who trade the mark for the image; making the marks a complete image in and of itself.ja female head glancing down

Paul Klee was mentioned, “An active line on a walk, moving freely, without goal. A walk for a walk’s sake.” Where the idea of having the line or mark as the ‘active agent’, was combined with the idea that a line is of time and space. Taking on a temporal dimension as well as the physical space it uses.

There was a great study on the ‘pure form’ of line from Plato, where ” In classical times the line was associated with pure form, as in geometry, although they were materials and worldly lines represented something immaterial.” essentially it was a study into how they made each line mathematically perfect to form controlled shapes and forms in trying to create the ‘pure form’, a straight line. Which is why there is so many ’tiled’ floors in architectural designs and historical drawings; as they make it easier to control the composition and perpendicularly of the lines drawn in relation.

McMWe also briefly covered graphic designs, using Micheal Crag-Martin as an example, of the use of ‘pure form’ with his single line computer graphics; simple, without shade or ‘3D form’. They remove theWP_20140927_001 reality of the image by taking away its shades, and giving it an edge, as no real object has an edge, only a stopping point.

I tried to stop thinking about my project in relation to the theme of pigeons and more about the way that I invest the theme through drawing and all that implies. I need to start thinking about how to imply these birds through drawing rather than how to show the theme appropriately. This project is an experimentation of drawing, not a study in birds.

I’ve a couple of shaky first timer videos, which I am using stills from, drawn out in chalk to create the motions of birds; I’ve yet to see one stay still for any period of time. Although I am going to look further into the video media as drawing, once I know how, I am going to try all the recommended and mentioned methods of drawing; utilising shades, pressure and media circumstances to change and explore any and all outcomes.


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