Functionless art:

David Cooke

This project over the summer has given me the chance to study what art means as a whole and more specifically to m e. By producing work through such media as knitting when I’ve never even used any form of textiles before has opened what course I am participating in vastly.


I managed to explore the tactile sense and the aid given in galleries; “The misconception lies in the idea that touch is devoid of its own aesthetic values that “it is too close to the body… too little connected to higher cognitive functions,” as Rachel Zucker, a philosophy professor at Northwestern University, puts it. I enjoyed looking into the touch tours and although they are greatly lacking in the possibilities of what they could be, they will get better.

Bubble Quilt

I also touched of functionless art: that not all art is just to look at; it has an obvious purpose, a function by design to produce a particular outcome, that is predetermined to be useful. I found out that art is a machine, a functioned piece of equipment to cause a response to its outcome.–cooke



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