WP_20140911_005In my use of Ravelry, I found a set of gloves that were designed to look like Ori’s gloves from The Hobbit series. The pattern was a simple glove, although the result had stripes of purl and knitted loops in a sort of chainmail style puffiness.

The extra thickness of the gloves, were due to the awkward if not controlled knit style of; purl one, knit int back of second knit stitch, then knit into the front of the second knit stitch and remove them both from the left needle together and rep. Which caused the loops of spare wool, from the first knit stitch to push out right side, forming the chainmail like loops.

In my hunt through various patterns of ravelry found me a blanket with a chart for instructions as the previous hat. It called for knits, purl, yarn overs, slip stitches in various repeat formations on dpns. The result so far is quaint, in the endearing way a mother looks at a childs painting with potatoes.

WP_20140911_008But the point of it is the texture, the pattern has caused bumbs and gaps in the material, while the wool is soft, there is a knot in the middle where I started that is near solid. This made me realise that there isn’t much art that you can touch, most, even sculptures, are off limits. So I did a little research and even artists who used fabric and wood like Scott Radke, or embroidery like Terri Mitchell, there is the barrier of not knowing what it feels like to hold, to use, Radke makes some amzing dolls and marionettes, but there untouchable. Otherwise not fit for purpose; which is part of what makes it art and not just another doll, but can we really keep calling it a doll if it can’t function as one?



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