Stranded Knitting:

WP_20140825_001So I found a rather festive hat pattern on a site called: Ravelry, which is a cache of patterns from toys to jumpers, crochet to knitting in all shapes and wools.

This was the first, and hopefully only item I’ll ever make in stranded knitting, since it was ridiculously awkward to keep control of. The red wool, as the dominant colour was online, on the needle, most; with the white wool being held behind, loose enough to allow the hat to give a little, but tight enough not to cause holes.

Whilst I did struggle with it, the stranded part of it is easy enough to understand and replicate, and makes for easier merging of two colours, and at the end and actual hat. I did use a pattern from raverly for this and although it’s not my own design, I did tweak it a little. I changed from knitting flat to in the round, which caused for fewer holes, and no folded line where I had to stitch the edges together( in my first attempt of the hat). And since I changed to in the round knitting I used only purl knitting, no need to knit/purl.

chart ii

This was also the first time I followed a chart style pattern rather than just written instructions, and it is a lot easier, most probably because I can see what I need to do next rather than trying to imagine it. That I’m rather attached to the image as it reminds me of pixellated art, and the knitted pattern version has its own unique pixel quality to it.




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