In-the-round Knitting:

practice in the round 15 stsKnitting in-the-round, is where you used three or four dpn’s (double pointed needles) to knit in a circle without a gap, unlike a normal pair of knitting needles which only allow for the creation of rectangles, unless otherwise made up, and requiring stitching. I tried the dpns with 15 stitches on three needles to produce this small hoop. Knitting in the round meant, that three dpns had five stitches on each and the fourth needle you knit with like normal onto one of the three needles, which it then replaces. in the round hat dpn

The first item I made in its entirety, was a hat. The hat had a knit one, purl one rib, and had small ‘braids’ separated by purled patches with three holes stepping up with every turn of the braid. The holes were made by wrapping the wool around the needle and continuing on, the next row will secure the wrapped wool as a stitch again. Whereas the braid is made by 6 knit stitches, the first three stitches would be moved onto another needle, the second three stitches would be knit, then you would return to the three stitches on the other needle. When you continue knitting like normal, in this case for another 10 rows in which I would create the pattern of the three holes; over six rows.

first try left gloveThe hat was loose and the rib was sketchy at best, I’ve found that my ability to create a rib is not it’s best. However the pattern worked well, when the hat worked okay, I tried the same pattern with gloves. Using the same needles I made a pair of fingerless gloves with the same braid and holes pattern; the first few tries didn’t go too well, but eventually they turned out ok. Although the end result is a little tight around the fingers.
first try right glove

left glove




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