Other bits:

turtle pin cushionI had a spare bit of green wool leftover and decided to use it up with these two little patterns; the first with the turtle by building it up through four tiny legs, a head and a body. This style of animal is called an “amigurumi”, which is a combination of ‘ami’ meaning crocheted or knitted, ‘nuigurumi’ meaning stuffed doll (in Japanese). They are typically animals, but not always; being either renderings or inanimate objects that obtained living features.

So I tried another; this being a frog that was made up of two sides the same that were stitched together, around another ‘bag’ with an opening at the front, which was where the zipper was placed. It was not much in the way of ‘art’, by anyone’s definition, but it was an exploration into the different methods and styles of the textile world of which I started the summer frog purseknowing nothing about.

There are several “Textile designers” who use knitting patterns and styles to create their ‘art pieces’: Inga Hamilton is one such person from Northern Ireland, her work evolves and changes although, most of her work is made then used by being worn in performance style art for activism, although not all of the her activism is performance art. One project “Coral collective” where they gave out crochet packs to waiting patients to ease the waiting time, another “Let me ease your day” was where she made and set up various lounge rooms which were taken by the public and passed on.







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