Companion cube:

first attempt at crochet

first attempt at crochet

third try at companion cube seperate pieces pattern

second attempt with separate pieces

I decided since I was using my own time, I should make something I would want; hence I googled for some interesting pattern, the companion cube from portal was one the most popular ones. However I quickly realized that they required skills I didn’t have; namely crochet; which turned out rather badly when I tried the double pattern knot. (incidentally if any mistakes are made, it is difficult if not impossible to remove) Then I attempted one pattern that recommend doing the cube in pieces, and shaping the pieces to only what you see, which ended with some strangely shaped pieces. I then tried snip and stitch which is where you cut the requires length of wool for however many stitches you need and keep repeating that throughout the pattern. It was bulky, and small. I then tried stranded knitting, which is useful for more than one colour, and involves passing the knit over the needles, but not turning it around, keeping the colours at the back of the piece, where the change from colour, mid way for however many stitches is hidden. In my attempt, I made it too tight and it ended up scrunched up and unable to flatten. I gave up stranded knitting as a bad job.

first try at companion cube snip and stitch

third try with snip and stitch

After all these failing attempts I decided to make my own pattern, I drew out the cube, with all the pieces separate, and how I would attach them all at the end, then made all the sizes and how many stitches each separate piece would need, and how many I would need of each. Then I knit each piece,(x6 dark grey backgrounds, x6 hearts, x6 light grey circles, x12 pink strands [one grey panel long], x24 light grey corners, x24 light grey sides) then I started to compile them; attaching the panels first and then all the rest, after which I sew the panels together and stuffed, I took about half a bag to fill it, I also used a little stuffing in each corner and side to elevate them as the actual companion cube does.

second try at companion cube stranded stitch

fourth try with stranded knitting

The only real problem I had, aside for all the bad first tries, was the hearts, curves and circles are awkward shapes in knitting, as stocking stitch usually does square based shapes and patterns, however I found a pattern for a simple heart shape after a few tries, here, which was gold.

stitching base together

stitching bases together

finished cube

finished cube


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