Artist research that I found but havent connected yet:

Ursula von RydingsvardIn the Yorkshire sculpture park’s underground gallery there Ursula von Rydingsvard (7)is Ursula Von Rydingsvard’s exhibition of work which consists namely of cedar wood, glue and graphite, making grand sculptures that confront you with their ability to invade space whilst being simple in their design and meaning. Whilst the sculptures are amazing, and some of her other work; consisting of some stranger materials (cow intestines and stomachs), particularly since she doesn’t use a sketchbook or note down any of her ideas first, there are other, smaller results of her artistic ideas.

Ursula von Rydingsvard (4)One particular piece is a very traditional knitted scarf, patched and frayed from years, others are just found objects; spades and ladles. Others are pressed skins and internal organs into shapes and repetitive designs from being folded and embossed. One of my favourite pieces consists of knitted, dried skins of cow intestines into two long tubular pieces of material.

Susie MacMurray 'legacy 1'

Susie MacMurray ‘legacy 1’

In the York St Mary gallery there is an exhibition called “Finding the Value” which was created by the York Art Gallery in response to what was left of the Madsen collection there. One particular artist there: Susie MacMurray, responded through the idea of what a gift actually is, and how that context transforms the perception of the object that has been given”. MacMurray create a series of small items which she wrapped in gold-plated wire and packed into a suitcase belonging Peter Madsen; by covering them she obscures the objects and makes them into something more as his gifts to the gallery were to them. The collections and materials he gave to the collection were important and not just for the gallery, as they were brought together over a lifetime, they must had collected a significance through stories and memories which are no longer understood or known.
















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