First self made pattern:

first try at gloves no pattern

first try at gloves

second try at gloves

Second try at gloves

I decided that I had, had enough of following a pattern made up by someone else, and decided to make my own. With my complete lack of experience with such practices, it did not go well to begin with; as I just started knitting before finding something I wanted to knit. I figured going along the trend of knitting I should make gloves. Which are a lot harder to do that my first thought, that’s not including the fingers, for gloves with fingers you need to be able to knit in the round. Which is a method of knitting with three needles or a pair of needles joined together, to knit in a circular shape, it is also something I find physically impossible to do.

So I made a pair of ‘gauntlet gloves’ which are gloves without fingers or a palm basically. I knit on a size 10 UK needles, using 5 ridges (2 rows for one ridge) of knit to start with, and 46 stitches along the bottom. There was a lot of trial and error with finding the right amount of stitches to fit comfortably around my wrist, it was particularly awkward finding where the gloves would start and how they would sit (around 3-4 inches about my wrist bone) as they needed to be tight enough not to slip around, but loose enough that it could still move my wrist in comfort. Th other problem was finding the right amount of hight for covering the top of the hand, whilst keeping the sides even and straight. The first attempt was too short.

I tried a few different amounts of stitches, and measured my wrists more times than i thought possible, and various different decreasing and increasing of the middle to secure it around my wrist, and all in vain. The second pair  I ended up, at the centre, decreasing by around 10-15 stitches, which made it tight enough to work, and looked so strange in shape, and the top was tool long. I decided to try it again.

The third pair is not worth mentioning.

third try at gloves

third try at gloves

fourth try at gloves

fourth try at gloves

The fourth, however, went back to having a straight 46 stitches up until the covering of the top of the hand. Which was too long and had a strange bulge in the shape, despite me having only decreased until three remained, to be knit together and finger knitted until long enough to wrap around the middle finger.

The fifth attempt, improved on the shape at the top, but was still nearly and inch too long. So I had another go, and finally produced a good enough shape and size glove that, when the sides were stitched up, fitted around my wrist, and over the top of my hand well enough, slipping on easily and staying on well.

fifth try at gloves

fifth try at gloves

final pair

finished pair










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