First try at knitting:

first try at knittingThis was my first try at knitting, I have previously attempted it in my younger years, however I’d given it up as a bad job. I first tried the garter stich: which is the natural stitch. In this first try I then decided to try purling, the opposite of a garter stich. It ended with these crimped edges, looking almost like a frill collar. Which gave me the idea to try perlling first tryit on a smaller scale; this next image is a knit/purl combination to give a flat surface, rather than the ridges you can see before. The bottom image is of just garter stich, giving it a proper attempt to ensure that the purling was where I was going wrong. These took my a few days to achieve, although now I can manage both easily, although keeping the correct count of stich, and not adding more on, at any point of time is a problem. One I’m countering with a click counter. I’m going to try some simple patterns next. second attempt




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