Using patterns:


I started a scarf pattern; following the tom baker, Doctor who scarf here. It uses only garter stitch, a style when you simply knit normally continuously, only breaking the pattern to change colours. There is nothing simpler than changing colours, simply cut the end of the thread on one colour, knot the next onto the end and cast on by knitting as normal.

When beginning knitting, as most patterns IMG_4650use abbreviations to write what style and when to decrease and increase on stitches, I retreated to a dictionary online for any and all terms used in knitting and crochet patterns. This showed me how to recreate the instructions appropriately, whilst explaining in detail and with videos.

So far the knitting is easy enough, but I haven’t tried anything beside the usual yet, however I am going to up from the traditional scarf to a stuffed bear pattern. Hopefully the leap won’t be as difficult as I imagine, and I will be able to follow and construct the bear properly.




First try at knitting:

first try at knittingThis was my first try at knitting, I have previously attempted it in my younger years, however I’d given it up as a bad job. I first tried the garter stich: which is the natural stitch. In this first try I then decided to try purling, the opposite of a garter stich. It ended with these crimped edges, looking almost like a frill collar. Which gave me the idea to try perlling first tryit on a smaller scale; this next image is a knit/purl combination to give a flat surface, rather than the ridges you can see before. The bottom image is of just garter stich, giving it a proper attempt to ensure that the purling was where I was going wrong. These took my a few days to achieve, although now I can manage both easily, although keeping the correct count of stich, and not adding more on, at any point of time is a problem. One I’m countering with a click counter. I’m going to try some simple patterns next. second attempt