Summer project:

We were tasked with finding an appropriate idea to base a ‘summer project’ around. I decided to use one areas of creating that I lack any skill in; textiles. It was a solution to the my problem of being unable to properly experiment within the media, despite how effective it is when making anything 3d, which has become a particular favourite of medium for me of late.

However it came about when I was looking for some of the quieter art styles and artists when a website “WHODUNNKNIT“, on a particular article about “What is graffiti knitting?” Which is pretty awesome, and is something I want to build up to throughout the summer.

Although I am going to start small, and focus on figuring out how to knit, then follow patterns, then try my own. If I can get that far, as I am well aware of my ability to freak out and start something new, although it is also true of getting bored with something too. However I am hoping my stubbornness will prevail over my inability to even sew, let alone knit.


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