Stop motion videos:

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 17.43.55In the last, extremely short post; because that was what i was working on solely for the two days beforehand, I managed to redraw the same in image in illustrator. Although removing the benches; both because they looked off in the original paint drawing, because my perspective skills are lacking, and they are the only part of the original house of commons image I used, that I didn’t changed. They are replicas, albeit imperfect ones, and didn’t really mix well with the collection of toys. I also omitted them because I needed the space for the characters that I am going to add in; by characters I mean my mashed up monsters.

So far I have managed the first part, it was so strange going back to drawing with the mouse, and plan to add the characters to see what it will be like, as soon as. I can’t really comment on it much, I don’t really think much of it at all; yes I think the mix of toys and furniture funny, particularly so since it is the house of commons, but it doesn’t seem right.

Either way, I had a tutorial, and we came up with trying some animation; yet another area that I know nothing about. So i used the drawing transformations to try it out; stop motion photographs of some shapes I had sown from felt, and moved in short jumps and connected together in Photoshop.

To connect them; File>Scripts>Load into stack>Browse, and then select the images all together, click ok. Then click Window>Workspace>Motion, and a bar will appear at the bottom, you can then rearrange the images and the duration of how long they will appear for using the smaller coloured bars at the bottom. There are other things you can do with this method, although I have not used them; and I have been reliably informed that there are easier ways to create an animation, using Flash for example, whatever that is. I plan on finding out.

After making the DT video of the three shapes moving along, I made on using my first character; the fat womans face, with a politicians hair and a make up advertisement’s eye, by making the eye blink. It is still just a static figure but now the eye moves, in quick jerky movements to a close and back open again using the same images. It is short, and not very well put together, but i like it. It has the same not quite right quality to it, it works. I think I’m going to try some other videos and animation of the characters as it works; it has the necessary creepy aspect, cartoon style need for nursery and I like making them.


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