Wacom, the new toy:

eye for newspaper text wakon 4I loaned out a Wacom tablet, having heard of its existence on the same day. I had previously heard of tablets made for drawing on the computer using a touch pad and a stylus, it seemed like a good idea, but never before had I seen one let alone used one. So I took the opportunity.

I’m learning how to effectively use it but its slow going; namely because my computer is five years old and slower than slow, and its only drawing program of any kind is paint. I generally steer clear of all technology so drawing on the computer was something I was fiercely afraid of.

Either way I loaned one from university, and had a mess around. This was the first image I managed, simple and a good start as far as I was concerned. The baby college wacom 2 - Copytablet was so simple to use; plug-in through the usb and draw. That’s it. IT was so simple even i could use without knowing anything about it. After using it for nearly a week, i still only know the basics, i have no idea what the buttons are there for, nor how to use them at all let alone effectively. The only problem, if you can call it that, is the button on the stylus; its sat on the side of the pen, and because I’m so used to  using pencils, i rotate the pencil when it wears down, but if i do this with the stylus i press the button. If i hold it down it does nothing, but if i press it once it will erase my last mark. Which wouldn’t be so bad if i didn’t have this unfortunate habit of continuously drawing… Either way as you can see from the rant I’m clearly in love with this thing.

After i managed the eye, above, i tried to draw some collages like I’ve doing in illustrator; the images are alright; if a little askew, but i blame the human error.

I’m not sure of the ‘official’ method of creating a drawing, but then I’m fairly collage wacom paint 1 - Copysure there isn’t one for paint. But i started by drawing in thick grey lines for the shapes and shadows, then a base colour, then including two or three different shades to enforce light and dark. If any grey is left visible at the end rub it out. It’s simple but the simple type of method works, at least for me; but this would be easier with the ability to add and remove layers.

I googled some tutorials which helped amazingly: wacom.com has tutorials for specific programs and situations, whereas this blog has a collection of helpful tutorials for setting up the tablet, Spoon graphics.  Also Lynda.com is amazing for tutorials if anyone has it, i’d also recommend to youtube search wacom tutorials, theres hundreds.


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