Just Drawing Transformations:

SAM_1740 SAM_1742It was explained in detail that the drawing transformations project, was not a seperate project. Or rather that it could be but it didn’t need to be, it was supposed to be just a brief to help us understand how we work and howwe produce work in different methods.

I’m not sure if that’s something ive achieved. I just experiment with different media, although in the beginning I was looking at the ‘basics’ of drawing: the crosshatching, colour, and shape. Which is when the physcological aspect of the corrolation between these three particular shapes and colours came into it, and influenced all experiments thereafter.

The images are of my recent experiment into sowing, not a past time i enjoy in the slightest. The littler ones to the right, where for how the stiching would look, i think it makes the content more childlike, in combination to the shapes and the colours. The larger ones to the left however, where to be used in an ‘animation’, which I was going to use stop motion photographs to achieve it on photoshop. This has been put off until i can get a computer that will work photoshop. I wanted to do the video, namely just to try out the technology.

I think the project, in terms of being seperate, is simple. It has no great thought or personal interest in the content of the work produced. Which is why i chose just the ‘basics’, i wanted it to be more about how i can make things rather than the content, which i have to give first thought to in all my other work. The project obviously has connections to my other projects; the deconstruction project by the watercolours, ‘light boxes’ and salt art. Whereas the current text and image project has been influenced by my brief experiments in computer art; pixel works in paint, reptative patterns in illustrator, soon a video in photoshop. Overall the project has given me what i wanted; a chance to produce work in previously unexplored methods without concern for the outcome or relation to content. It’s helped me find my niche.


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