Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 16.46.44I started to mess with the different functions of illustrator than what i have previously been using; namely the pen tool and figuring out how to use layers effectively. I can’t say which button I pressed for these experiments as I’m not rightly sure, but I’m going to test them again to figure out how to use them to actually create something.

decalcomaniaWhereas the text and image project is slow coming, the drawing transformations is much less stress free. When researching drawing methods, printing was a big one. And was something I’ve never done. I managed to create a few Ecremage‘decalcomania’ images; where you cover a surface(glass, or acetate) with ink and drop paper over, which you then draw onto and remove to create this sort of result. I also tried ‘Ecremage’ which is a variation of the same thing; only you use oil and float the ink or paint on top, which you then drop the paper and draw on. The aftereffects on either side of the paper are both intriguing. Ecremage print

MontageI also produced a montage: many images overlayed and scrambled together to form a whole, and a ‘gratlage’; where you draw or rather scratch into dried paint. The result is lacking, naGratlagemely because of my lack of skill, and my disturbance at the sounds the scratching caused, although I am sure with practise and earmuffs I could produce a rather detailed and strange-looking negative.

Also in the drawing transformations I have started to merge the three shapes together, although itSAM_1718 developed from having the crossing shapes as a repeating pattern. Where i also sunk into drawing spirals, the randomized scribble has a blurry, textured look to it, rather like grain in wood. I got attached. Although that swiftly changed back into SAM_1720the use of colour as I found a perspective image, much like this but in only one tone, on page 228 of “The art of looking sideways”, so far an            immensely helpful book, and decided to mimic it with my shapes and colour. I rather like the outcome. SAM_1719SAM_1721SAM_1717


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