Putting together Humpty:

So I started using collages to create a face for Humpty Dumpty when i first began, and hence I decided to revisit them with my new-found appreciation of illustrator. Basically, I picked and chose separate parts of faces from a newspaper, and slapped them together free hand on illustrator.

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 16.08.24The first involves a make up advertisements eye, a politicians hair and a portly womans face shape. The creating of it involved far too many layers on illustrator, and my new love for the colour choices. The legs are drawn as they are, not because i rushed or got bored, but because i wanted to keep something of a sketch drawing in it. I wanted to ensure it came from pasted images together, that this was as fictional as humpty himself.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 17.09.18The second has the coupling of a car adverts bottom jaw, nose and mouth (although i left off the mustache and beard), and an actors hairstyle. I don’t think this turned out as well, namely because the two faces where facing two completely opposite directions. But I am fond of the hair patterns. I tried to repeat the same thing with the arms, as i had done previously with the legs, not sure of their shape though.

My tutor prompted me with the artist Saul Bass. He produces film posters namely, they involve they same flat style as my previous images created through illustrator. Although they use more Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 16.55.29dramatic shadows and silhouettes, over my block shading; as i try to reduce the amount of black in my drawings, whereas he seems to thrive in it.

One of his works is a star wars poster, which i tried to mimic and include in my work with the rabbits being a bit of a turncoat, as Boba Fett from the franchise “Star Wars”.


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