Red, yellow and blue texts

TScreen Shot 2014-03-17 at 10.49.17o contribute to a nearly forgotten drawing transformations project I did some more research, and stumbled on Kandinsky’s research about the primary shapes and their responding colours: red, yellow and blue. He apparently gave out a questionnaire whilst at Bauhaus, to understand their views on the relation between each shape and colour. The result came in the majority choosing yellow for the triangle, red for the square and blue for the circle, confirming his thesis. Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 13.43.14

While i have previously done some research into Kandinsky’s use of line, I find colour much more interesting. I know how childish it sounds, but its a fact: someone will look at an odd object because of its colour more often than its strange shape. I decided to incorporate the colour co-ordinations into the drawing project; I also used it as a means to use illustrator again. We’ve come to a mutual understanding.

In my text and image project I’ve become attached to typography, although my ability for the thought of it, and the ability to produce it is limited to this; That legibility and readability are very different things: the former is the brain’s ability to recognise the words and the latter is to be able to read it, depending on how you arrange it.

Typography is actually a very ergonomic art form, is it used in every piece of text you have ever read, including handwriting. Typography is more than just making words look ornate, it makes the specific measurements between lines in a newspaper, books or credits, it makes the type sizes and column widths, line length and alignment. And most interesting is the hierarchy it has created through these mediums;  for example, having a large text in the middle of the top is universally known as a title, meanwhile anything under that, in a smaller text – although still alone, is a sub-heading. Curious how it clicks.

My favourite area is that although typography can be used to create some spectacular designs and innovations; it is the brain’s ability to process the text, in any form, whether it is; half written, misspelled (aside for the first and last letters) or without spaces, or made up of the white space.

Some typographers that are highly recommended: Guillaume Apollinare, Ralf Shrivugal, Phil Baines and Fluxus.


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