Digital art:

humpty dumpty pixelThe text and image project had evolved solely to include Humpty Dumpty; that is I found drawing him a strange experience and enjoyed trying to make a humanish face appear in the smooth surface of an egg. It is much harder than it sounds. I experimented with the media and the styles; but ultimately I did’nt stick with anything for long. Although I do appriciate the results as they have given me the insight that the characters don’t make the story and as such they don’t need to be the main focus.

I tried to connectAlice_Humpty_Dumpty the text to others; firstly it was Alice in wonderland,  the chapter ‘humpty dumpty’. I redrew the original engraving by John Tenniel in a pixel style, namely for the new media. The outcome looks alright but it’s missing the point.

Although the image didn’t really work, I tried the media again, it was fun to work with and I liked the results. If only I could find the right image. Illustrator is a new creative tool for me, since I have been hiding from it since day one. However I’m constantly surprised by its ability, and how simple it is to manipulate, so long as you press the right button. I’m going to try creating the actual Hollow Chocolate Bunnies via 

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 17.47.20

illustrator, thanks to some inspiration by Laura D

iragher. Who is a graphic computer based illustrator.     SAM_1706

In the deconstruction project; i managed to make a few flies with coloured wings, painted acetate, and start looking at the actual Bluebottle flies wings in particular; a slow transistion between transluscent, blue and purple.

The drawing transformation project, now has a series of patterned papers within it. Which do to my new found love of illustrator, I’m planning on trying online. I have hopes it will work. SAM_1708SAM_1707


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