The Humument and Blue bottles:

So I’ve done some resegreenbottlefly2arch into Blue bottle flies, which are amazingly beautiful, so I’m still rather stuck on how to replicate or indeed modify them. They must be the most colourful fly type in the world; with a head and thorax of dull grey, their body of 10-14mm long is a shell of metallic blue, green and purple. Their four legs and antennae are black and pink with bristle like hair, while their eyes are red and their chests are purple. All of which leaves their wings transparent. I’d like to try just painting in the bright colours, start looking at the wings movements and the trail they leave as they fly, maybe in oil.

Having never really thought about flies much, i was surprised by the life cycle; the female lays eggs in meat, garbage or feces namely, which spawn into pale whitish larvae, immediately feeding on the decomposing matter before they crawl, two or three days later, to a dry place to dig into the ground to pupate into tough, brown cocoons. They then emerge two or three weeks later as adults, where they begin the cycle again. Although if the weather is too cold they can hibernate in their cocoons until the temperature rises. I didn’t think flies had the capacity to do that. I suppose I’m like everyone who looks as Hirst’s piece and thinks he’s making too big a deal about flies.humpty dumpty pixel

In the text and image project I’ve tried to combine the original rhymes with their origins, from the historical point of view, and the text written about each character in the “Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse”. It’s harder than i thought, but I’m going to try to help myself and use illustrator once I can get down to one of the computers. In the meantime I used my own computer, minus the amazing-i-can-do-everything-programs that all the macs seem to have, to try pixelating a few drafts. After all it seems like technology is the missing out: the text has me using more paper based, no experimental sculptures as yet.

I’ve also become very attached to “The Humument”, it’s a wonderful idea, to recreate a text by making it into another text. Whilst Tom Phillips, who published the first version in 1973, the second in 2004, used spectacular colour and paint, and collages, and pencil drawings, charcoal and chalk, with ink and oils to create an array of designs and shapes and images (perhaps even illustrations I’m not sure what the original text was about.) it could be done simply with tipex or something of that ilk. I rather want to have a go but I don’t want to desecrate any book. Hence I’m going to scan some of the pages into the computer and try it that way; either print them on keep them computer based. The latter might be easier in the long run.


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