Humpty, wings and letters:

SAM_1702SAM_1699The text and image project is awkward but going well; I have stuck my nose into the origins of all the nursery rhyme characters that die in the book, and have proceeded into what feels like every type of drawing i can think of. I have created images as dot to dots, in crayon, with markers, and paint; I have drawn scenes and characters, namely Humpty Dumpty (his is my favourite death.), in illustrator, in typography in minimalist styles, from collages. I have also used some of the drawings from the book, the four bunnies of the apocalypse, (four individual rabbit heads originally designed by R. Rankin.) to try to create a mass conglomeration of everything so    far.

The most enjoyable thing I have produced so far wold be the typography, which came out of the title on the cover and its unassuming typewriter style in red on yellow. Which then swiftly moved to the actual text inside, one line in particular: “Doom is doom no matter how you spell it. Unless of course, you spell it differently from doom. But then it could be another word entirely I suppose.” (said by a farmer, to jack page 7.) At which point I started making a word ladder; expanding and shrinking it to create a rather plain typography drawing, but one i enjoyed and not just because of the use of Stanley knife.

After that I connected back to the text more than just the original characters, using snippets that i liked or had an idea for from the moment i read it. But i do plan on keeping up with the typography: It’s not something ive taken the opportunity to explore.

The deconstruction project has some quick sketches of what id think projections of the flies shadowsSAM_1704 would look like, but i haven’t made anSAM_1703y photographs yet, because i’m not sure how to produce them, but namely because it’s not really an interest for me. But I have found another avenue i’d like to look at, which is the wings. I have introduced them before as a means to making the shadows look like fly bodies, but they have a beauty that is entirely their own, we for all that we think we are above such creatures, cannot fly and will, not ever likely, have wings. Most definitely not any that as beautiful.

Whereas the drawing transformations project is very slow going, after the failure of the foam, i’m not sure what to do. Although the book i’m currently reading “The art of looking sideways” by Alan Fletcher, which i highly recommend, gave me the necker cube. Which is a simple design that explores the way we perceive three dimensional objects as a two dimensional drawing. I’m going to have some fun with that.

I also used a quote given to me by the same book, from Victor Hugo: “All characters were originally signs and all signs were once images. Human society his entirety in the alphabet, philosophy, all the sciences start here…”, where he proceeds to explain his, i think, beliefs of what the alphabet means. I created a mock-up of this in literal form, using his explanations as a means of creating the letters. (this will be posted when i have the ink to outline them, as they aren’t well-lit in just pencil.)


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