Choice made:

So I officially decided to use the text “The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse” by Robert Rankin. Namely because it has so many openings; the nursery rhymes, the change he’s given the characters and the adult readings, namely the fact that several nursery rhyme characters are murdered. Specifically; Humpty Dumpty – boiled, Little Boy Blue – pierced through his body with his own crook, length-ways, Jack Spratt – fried in his ex-wife’s dinner, Little Tommy Tucker – explodes due to a bomb in his throat, Little Jack Horner – stuffed with jam, and Mother Goose – who is slit open. Which obviously will let me look at some darker sides of children’s literature. Like Alice in Wonderland where Humpty Dumpty, in his conversation with Alice, asks how old she is and does not appreciate the very specific answer of 7 and a half.

“I mean,” She said, “that one ca’n’t help growing older.”

One ca’n’t, perhaps” Said Humpty Dumpty: “But two can.”

And whilst being a murder mystery book, The hollow chocolate bunnies of the apocalypse is rather witty. Theres a scene at the beginning that Eddie, the main character (despite what jack or Bill Winkie might say.) is depressed so he goes to the pub, and after a few pints he stands on his head. His reason? – so his feet don’t get drunk, as the sawdust inside him soaks the liquid up like a sponge.

I’m going to start some research in the original characters of the nursery rhymes and let that colour some of the explorations as well.

In the drawing transformations project I had a bit of an exploration into using salt with watercolours, its fun although not very easy to manage, nor remove all the salt at the end. I also had another go with the sticky dots just because. Then I made the unfortunate decision to try making more sculptures. I bought some expanding foam, l figuring it was one the easiest things to try to carve, (which I also decided was a more interesting method than building things with wood and paper.) I am currently sat next to three blobs of grey matter. The first attempt i had a piercing them with a knife ended badly. I did get two edges to appear on one of them, however the problem with expanding foam that i didn’t foresee was that it has gas in it, to help remove it from the can, meaning there are random pockets of air inside the blobs. Which I managed to hit, causing the blob to sink like a bad souffle.  But otherwise the outer shell carves well, leaving some interesting patterns of stands and bubbles across the surface. I think I’m going to try again when I can be sure the inside is properly dried, even with the air pockets.

Then I’ll probably try a different material when that fails again. (maybe polystyrene or some wood.)

I haven’t achieved anything worthwhile in the deconstruction project, although I am going to try the projections idea when I can get out with my camera.


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