New information:

I started some research into the drawing transformation project; that is I google searched “square, circle and triangle”, which came up with an awesome page of pininterest full of images from all corners of the internet and a personal webpage of Nathan Sawaya. Who has three particularly wonderful figures made from lego pieces in red, yellow and blue, with heads in the shapes of a sphere, a pyramid and a cube. I want to try using something like lego, maybe kinect.

In the mean time, whilst i acquire some lego, I tried creating some of my own images by mimicking some styles from the pinterest site. Although I do want to try creating these sorts of things on illustrator. I also continued with the sticky dots, I tried to recreate the shaded squares with different coloured dots, im not convinced it worked. But it was still fun.

In the text and image project I did a little research to try and jump start it. The original names were ‘illuminations’ until Johaunes Gutenberg invented the printing press and independently developed a movable type system in Europe, he started adding illustrations to books using namely woodcuts.

Illustrations changed from barely being avaliable in the 15th century, to engraving and etching in the 16th and 17th century, until lithography allowed better illustrations to be formed in the 18th century.

There is the American ‘Golden Age of Illustration’ lasted from the 1880s until after world war I, although in Europe a few decades earlier newspapers, mass market magazines and illustrated books had become the dominant media type for public consumption.

I did try to find out why illustration was so popular and how it only grew more so as the years past, however google wasn’t human enough to supply the answer.

Recommended webpages: Central illustration, house of illustration and illustration cupboard.


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