Fly critique:

TSAM_1695he ‘assessment’ for the deconstruction project went well; they approved of the fly shadow cutouts and found the lightbulbs interesting, although the refocusing on the bare bones of the original piece “A thousand years” by damien Hirst, that is the choice between what we want and what we need, was a bad idea. They explained that i didnt need to stick to the original, it was supposed to be an oppourtunity to understand an image and deconstruct it to what is was actually about then build on that. Hence they liked the flies.

I’m going to carry on adding bits and pieces to the project as i move to the next project of “text and image”, which we get to choose a piece of text, any type of text, and illustrate it. I will admit i have no idea what to do, there is far too much choice. Do i use a book, a song, a score, a script? Something i’ve already read, or something i have been waiting to read? Something popular or an abstract indie book? Something already illustrated or not?

Either way i’m going to do some research into illustrations in books first, and why they began and how they became popular, and more importantly how they came to stick around. That is why did we appreciate them so much that they abandoned the whole hard-backed, fabric or leather casings to have images printed straight to their card covered paper-backs.

Anyhow, Ive started to create a few more ‘shadows’ which I made from cardboard to help with the whole squashed fly effect, because i am going to place them on the floor and walk over them for a few days, absently. As people tend to do with fly bodies. Their corpses arent given graves, nor treated with any reverance, which is what brought me to them in the first place, as even Hirst abuses their bodies in the masses.

Also, sticky dots are my new favourite medium, its a little time consuming but its fun, especially when playing around in the drawing transformations project.SAM_1697


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