Deconstruction lecture:

1-fountain-_after-marcel-duchamp_web_672Deconstruction was not an operation performed on text, but was a method used to allow text its self to reveal its own otherness and self- undoing. ‘Otherness’ being what the text is aside from the natural assumpion that you have when you immediately read the text, as a single person rather than one author’s thoughts and imagination to another. The general gist of it is that  deconstruction allows us to assert our belief in the authors presence in the text as metaphsyical, that is we know someone wrote this and is therefore telling the story but it is also written by someone that is not there so we take each piece of text as a unified, coherant, rational statement with a pinch of our own understanding.

Whereas in post-modern theory, deconstruction is the undoing of an authors controlling intentions by time and audience reception. This works namely because of the pure fact that texts are parts of a coherant whole and are not whole in and of themselves; hence over time parts of the text starts to do their own thing, modified by timMalcolmMorley_RaceTracke.

The whole connection to art/text and deconstruction is that you can make it evident that ungraspable network of relations which sustains but is concealed by claims of self-presence, which in turn create misreadings. (If you follow Derrida or Foucault’s work) They also share the same problems; that is there is so many different ways of reading things; each symbol is something else to any other person, whether through experience or from intention, not every thing is seen the same way. This is true both in text, art and the ability to deconstruct.


(Sherrie Levine – Fountain, madonna)

(Malcolm Morely – Racetrack)

Interesting people you probably didnt know are awesome: Hilary White, Max Hattler, Sherrie Levine, Joseph Kosuth, Idris Khan, Fiona Banner, Zimoun + Hannes Zweifel, Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube, Mark Wallinger, Jeff Wall.


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