The creation of the new:

There are apparently four groups that line up under this topic; semiotic (the signs), which are ambivalent about structure of the world. ideological, the role in institutional orders; which either change society or try to contain it: which splits into three; image, conception devices and special orders and subcultures. Then there is the cognitivist which are common structures to assist the structure of humanity, they are pro-structure. Lastly there is the materialist or affect group, which is the relation between a stimulus and the emotional recognition.

Kant is recognised as a cognitivist, as he has a series of conditions of experience relating to the sublime. ‘The critique/ruin of representation’, which is how we view the world and therefore frame it, through all our perspectives.

Although in the explanation of the production of the new a quote from Deleuze: “Style in philosophy strains towards three different poles: concepts or new ways of thinking, percepts, or new ways od seeing and construing: and affects, or new ways of feeling. They’re the philosophical trinity, philosophy as opera: you need all three to get things moving.”

It involves the idea of having to seek or otherwise creating new ways of ; thinking, seeing and feeling through different manipulations in different areas of variables that can effect such an outcome. This gave way to the problem of reproduction, the fact that we lose the specificity and individuality of things as they are more and more mass-produced, or otherwise repeated or re-represented.



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